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Conditions of Use

1. Buy
When ordering contract for the purchase only when East Street Tattoo Supply confirmed the order through an order confirmation. An order confirmation is generated automatically. If the delivery date be changed in order, the customer will be notified as soon as possible. East Street Tattoo Supply has Ownership and withdrawal rights to all products until full payment has been paid by the customer. 

We verify every new customer that is registered in our webshop, and have the right to deny the whole or parts of your purchase unless you work at a tattoo studio or have a registered company or studio in your name. A working majority of products in our assortment is sold ONLY to customers that demonstrably and professionally works with tattooing.

If you're not a registered tattoo artist, an apprentice or work in a studio, you will be liable to pay a fee of 500 SEK (a scratcher fee), by the chance that your order includes products you're not qualified to purchase. We exclude these products from your order when delivered, and repay the costs for these, minus the scratcher fee. If this sum should not add upp to 500 SEK, you will be charged the remaining amount by invoice. 

2. Price
Prices exclude VAT [tax rate 25%, books 6%] At the confirmation order, prices can only be changed by circumstances East Street Tattoo Supply are not responsible. For instance, significantly changing commodity prices, currency fluctuations or change in VAT.

3. Shipping
We always send by registered mail via freight company TNT to ensure that your goods will arrive. Be sure to always specify the correct address and phone number when ordering.

4. Terms of payment

04/01 Online Payment
Pay with VISA or MasterCard.
PayPal - safe payment directly through thee web.

4.1 Invoice

Can be requested. Payment terms 10 days. For late payments, late payment fee by the amount allowed by law at present 45 SEK and interest at 24% + applicable reference rate. Customary credit check without a courtesy copy is made and delivery is only to the registered address. When selecting the bill as payment for an additional charge of 30 SEK excluding VAT.

5. Deliveries
Goods in stock are normally shipped within 1-3 business days after we have received your order. In cases where a product must be ordered from the supplier, delivery time is slightly longer, up to 2 weeks. These items are marked with an order to be or if not then enlighten us customers about the estimated delivery time. The packages are delivered by TNT.

6. Delivery Delays

Sometimes there delivery delays beyond our control. For example, occur when a supplier can not meet its delivery obligations to us. If this happens, we disclaim liability to the customer for the loss which the delay caused. You can trust that we will always notify you if delivery is delayed.

7. Transport risk

Together with our shipping partners, we are for transportation risk ie. the risk that the goods are damaged or lost during shipment from our warehouse to you. You and the carrier assumes the risk in case returns to us.

8. Damaged goods

When you receive your goods, it is important to immediately inspect the package. Should the packaging and contents to be damaged even notify you that your mail center or directly to the carrier. Always save the confirmation you receive on your goods are damaged. We are grateful if you notify us immediately if this happens. But within a week.

Call 08-580 80 350 or email us at

9. Withdrawal and Purchase
According Distansavtalslagen customers have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days after you receive the product and without good reason. When exercising the Right of withdrawal / Purchase, the customer pays for shipping. Withdrawal and Purchase does not apply when goods can not be returned in an unassembled, unused and undamaged condition. If you receive home goods that are faulty or delievered, we pay the return shipping of course. Contact us so we can agree on compensation for the return must be paid to you.

10. Complaints
If you wish to complain about a damaged or defective product, please contact us by email or phone within one week. We can phone between 09.00-18.00.

Phone: 08-580 80 350


Always save the packing, original box and payment confirmation. If you return a damaged product to us, do the simplest of the packing and packaging it was sent in. East Street Tattoo Supply are consumer purchasing, which means 36-month guarantee. The warranty only covers original defects, ie defects that existed in the product on delivery. This does not apply in cases where we can not find anything wrong with the product or when you caused the damage himself. Ordinary wear and tear will not be replaced.

11. Refunds
Refunds are made to your bank account or the way the customer suggests. Refund is made within five working days that we have received and accepted your return.

12. Reservation
We reserve the right to alter fares as a result of large price deviations from our suppliers, typos or other errors that are beyond our control. Learn more about exceptions during the Force Majeure below.

Force Majeure
In the event of war, natural disaster, strikes, government decisions and similar events beyond our control which could not reasonably foreseeable, and affects the contractual agreements and commitments on our part, which means that we can not keep that agreement / pledge, shall be the basis that we released from our obligations to fulfill that contract. Below are links to the Consumer Agency and ARN, where you can read more detail on Consumer Distance Contracts and more. In a dispute, we always ARN's recommendations.

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