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Soba Speedballer Liner
SOBA Speedballer Liner with newly updated frame design featuring a Custom Swing Gate Vise...
In stock: 0
SEK 3,250
SOBA Limited Deluxe Pilot Shader
New Adam Ciferri Limited Deluxe Pilot Shader! Short run of Black on Black Pilots made from the...
In stock: 2
SEK 3,300
SOBA Clipper Power Liner
New SOBA Clipper Power Liner
In stock: 1
SEK 3,500
Soba Pilot Liner
*For those that might be wondering, Pilot Liners are now built by Adam Ciferri as part of SOBA's...
In stock: 0
SEK 3,000
Soba Pilot Shader
The Pilot is a "long frame" machine, giving it a long stroke with a slow hard punch. Designed for...
In stock: 0
SEK 3,000
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