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Please note that all products under this category are sold ONLY to registered tattoo artists that are approved by East Street. If you as a non-approved customer place an order including products from this category, we will make a repurchase of your order, minus a 500 SEK scratcher fee for taking up our time. 

We here at East Street Tattoo Supply have chosen to only go for the absolute best machines the market has to offer. We are retailers for Workhorse Irons, Shagbuilt, Cheyenne Hawk, Stålhammar Rotary, Dan Kubin and Lucky Supply, among others.

We always strive to have a broad supply of different machines from Aaron Cain, Seth Ciferri, Soba, Jimmy Whitlock, Dan Kubin, Stålhammar, Shagbuilt, Mike Pike, Mike Wilson, Scott Sylvia, and loads more. Builders and machines and we are truly proud of having in our assortment!


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