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Lightbox A2
A2 Light box with great quality. With bright and even light with three different brightness...
In stock: 19
SEK 1,600
Squeeze Bottle 500ml
art 2011
In stock: 143
SEK 64
Squeeze Bottle 250 ml
art 2010
In stock: 102
SEK 48
spray bottle black
450ml Black spray bottle.
In stock: 76
SEK 48
Lightbox A3
A light box of higher quality. With bright and even light with three different brightness settings.
In stock: 26
SEK 800
ReelSkin - Torso
ReelSkin is a new unique realistic tattoo practice skin. The practice skin has many elements...
In stock: 0
SEK 2,000
Dispenser for dental bibs or what ever you feel like putting in it.
In stock: 0
Ink Display
Tattoo Ink display stand with 5 levels measuring 29cm.
In stock: 5
SEK 200
Padded Machine case
Can accommodate up to 6 depending on machine size.
In stock: 0
Back Pack
Perfect back pack for conventions or guest spots.
In stock: 3
SEK 850
Travel case with compensate for pressure
no more ink explosions.
In stock: 0
SEK 2,500
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