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East Street clip cord cover
One box containing 150 plastic covers with measurements 5x70cm.
In stock: 296
SEK 104
East Street bottle bag
One box containing 250 bags with measurements 15x25cm
In stock: 115
SEK 180
East Street Machinebag
One box containing 500 bags. Measurements 13x13cm
In stock: 12
SEK 280
Black Clip cord cover on roll
300meters of black clip cord cover.
In stock: 7
SEK 350
Cheyenne Grip Sleeve
Cheyenne Grip Sleeve.
In stock: 10
SEK 150
Disposable Razors [Black]
Black single use razors. 100pcs.
In stock: 201
SEK 180
Hustle Butter Deluxe 5oz Jar
Luxurious Hustle Butter is made from Organic,
In stock: 79
SEK 200
Pro Series Professional Process Butter 50-Pack
Pro Series Professional Process Tattoo Butter is a new product developed by Tattoo Goo and is the...
In stock: 0
Pro Series Professional Process Butter
Pro Series Professional Process Tattoo Butter is a new product developed by Tattoo Goo and is the...
In stock: 25
SEK 192
Apron Box 40pcs
40 pcs/box
In stock: 59
SEK 70
Apron black 50pcs
Black apron 50 pcs
In stock: 46
SEK 160
Clear Surgical Tape - 12 Rolls
12 rolls of clear plastic surgical tape.
In stock: 139
SEK 200
Paper Surgical Tape - 25 mm
12 rolls of paper surgical tape.
In stock: 101
SEK 152
Masking Tape
In stock: 247
SEK 13.60
Bed Cover Black
Black Bed cover with elastic band
In stock: 198
SEK 100
Armrest Cover Black
Black arm rest cover with elastic band to hold it in place.
In stock: 14
SEK 120
Dental bibs
In stock: 8
SEK 120
Dental bibs Black 500pcs
Big pack for the price conscious.
In stock: 7
SEK 450
Dental bib on roll
Dental bib on roll. Unfolded width: 60cm length: 40 meters.
In stock: 0
Papertowels 20x20 cm
5 kg soft paper 20 x 20 cm. Around 1600pcs.
In stock: 119
SEK 320
Tork extra soft
Super soft paper for the caring tattooer.
In stock: 1
SEK 600
barier film
30x 300 m
In stock: 86
SEK 170
Sterilization pouch
Self seal bags size 70mm width
In stock: 17
SEK 165
Tongue depressor Sterile
Sterile Wooden Tongue depressor100 pcs
In stock: 113
SEK 60
Tongue depressor
100 pcs
In stock: 308
SEK 40
art 2019
In stock: 61
SEK 72
Needle container 5 L
Safe disposal for used needles.
In stock: 48
SEK 92
Tube Cleaning Brush Kit
Six tube brushes!
In stock: 80
SEK 68
Plastic Cups 18cl
Black Plastic Cups, 18 cl. 100 cups/roll.
In stock: 21
SEK 50
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