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Customer Chair - Black cat
Professional Hydraulic chair. 360 degree adjustable
In stock: 0
SEK 8,900
Customer Chair - Professional
Big chair for your customer to a great price. Adjustable back and legs.
In stock: 0
SEK 5,500
Tattoo Chair - Wave backrest
Wave chair with back rest
In stock: 1
SEK 1,000
Simple and light arm rest, mainly for conventions etc.
In stock: 4
SEK 800
Armrest metal
Simple and light arm rest with solid construciton of metal. Easy to clean!
In stock: 19
SEK 600
Shadowless Studio Lamp
Shadowless light!
In stock: 6
SEK 800
Superslim LED Lamp
Super slim LED lamp with bright white light. Easy to attach to your work station. The slim design...
In stock: 25
SEK 700
Working table
Big working table on wheels
In stock: 0
SEK 3,000
Work bench - Cubic
Height: 88cm Width: 35cm Depth: 36cm
In stock: 0
SEK 1,500
Work bench - 3 shelfs
Easy to clean. 3 shelves and 2 storage drawers
In stock: 0
SEK 1,850
Work bench - 3 shelfs
Table on wheels with 3 shelves. Super durable construction.
In stock: 2
SEK 1,500
Tattoo Pillow
Tattoo pillow in pu leather.
In stock: 1
SEK 360
Thermal Printer
A cheaper thermal imager for smaller studios or to have as back up.
In stock: 11
SEK 1,600
Thermal Imager
The real deal that will last you for years.
In stock: 0
SEK 7,500
Light bulb to Shadowless Studio Lamp
SEK 240
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