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Welcome to East Street Tattoo Supply's webshop!

Please note that all products under the categorys marked with [T] are sold ONLY to registered tattoo artists that are approved by East Street. If you as a non-approved customer place an order including products from these categories, we will make a repurchase of your order, minus a 500 SEK scratcher fee for taking up our time. 
Further products are of course available to all our customers for purchase.

Irregular opening hours during summer

V26 Closed 23/6-2/7
V29 Closed 15/7-23/7
V31 Open 10:00-14:00
V34. Closed 25/8-28/8 - Ink bash convention
V.38 Closed 21/9-25/9 - Ume Tattoo Fest Convention
East Street Tattoo & Supply | Ölandsgatan 50 | SE-116 63 Stockholm | +46 (0) 8 580 803 50